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  • What to do Before Getting Pregnant

    Many times pregnancy happens spontaneously, without previous planning and premeditation. In most cases, when the mother is in good health this does not have any serious consequences for the development of the fetus and maternal health. Nevertheless, the optimal situation…

  • Diet and Pregnancy

    Good nutrition is important for the healthy development of your baby. The focus on a healthy diet should start even before the pregnancy since overweight mothers have more pregnancy complications. Furthermore, the pregnancy weight gain recommendations will vary according to…

  • First Trimester Screen

    There are many screening tests that may be offered to someone considering pregnancy, or who is already pregnant. The test may be offered due to your prior immunizations, race, ethnicity or age. The First Trimester Screen is for the detection…

  • Second and Third Trimester Bleeding

    There are a variety of reasons for bleeding during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, some of which are relatively harmless, and some with more serious implications to mom and baby. Any bleeding should be addressed with your obstetrician.…